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RCF Experience at your service

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The direct involvement in particularly complex projects worldwide is continually raising the know-how and reputation of our team of specialists, which is considered one of the best Engineering Support Groups in our industry. A system design must always consider the environment’s acoustics, the architectural and installation constraints, the maintenance costs, and the user’s requirements. According to cost and performance requirements, the extensive and complete range of RCF products enables the Engineering Support Group to submit multiple design solutions optimized for each project.

RCF is committed to providing complete support helping our customers choose the most suitable solutions for their projects to achieve the best results. This support team is crucial to RCF’s continual success. We continue to invest in our knowledge and skills by expanding our engineering team of product specialists and the latest equipment and software technologies.


Design Proposal

Based on supplied venue details, including environmental acoustic simulation, product list, block diagrams, and speaker coverage mapping.


Design Validation

Based on the client’s design, we guide the proper selection and placement of RCF products.


Design of Alternative Solutions

Based on existing specs, we provide advice and improved system configurations based on RCF products to optimize the installation.


Acoustical Consultancy

We help define the project’s specifications in cooperation with architects and contractors.



We provide system start-up and commissioning. RCF produces pre-wired racks on request, complete with connection diagrams and operation manuals.

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